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The Sound of Manifestation: I AM THAT I AM Frequencies

by Jonathan Goldman

Jonathan Goldman

Our ancient mystics and quantum physicists are in agreement: Everything is sound. From the electrons moving around the nucleus of an atom to planets in distant galaxies orbiting their suns, everything is in a state of vibration. This includes the chair you may be sitting on or the pages of a book you're reading. Our bodies are also complex compositions of vibration.


One of my areas of interest is gematria, which is an ancient system from the kabbalistic tradition in which specific numbers are assigned to letters of the Hebrew alphabet. Numbers can, in turn, be assigned to whole words, phrases or more. Gematria is a mystical type of numerology that has powerful applications.

During my meeting with James Twyman, author of The Moses Code, at the World Sound Healing Conference, we both wondered if there were any special numbers associated with the phrase "AHYH ASR AHYH." These were the words that the divine being spoke to Moses on Mount Sinai when he asked for the divine's name. The reply, pronounced as "EHIEH ASHER EHEIH," is often translated as "I AM THAT I AM."

EHEIH had the numerical value of 21, ASHER had the numerical value of 501, and the entire phrase had the value of 543 (21 + 501 + 21). I knew that what I was looking for wasn't merely a single number, such as 543, but two numerals. In addition, I was looking for these two numbers to be close enough to each other so that they were within the same range of an octave.


An octave is a musical term. It's either the tone above a given frequency with twice as many vibrations per second (hertz) as the original, or it's the tone below a given frequency with half as many vibrations as the original. For example, if one frequency is 100 hertz, the octave above this frequency would be 200 hertz. If you wanted to find the octave above that, 200 hertz, you would simply double that figure again, which would result in an octave at 400 hertz.

The reason why I was looking for two numbers rather than one -- specifically, two numbers that fell within the same octave -- is that my experiences have recently demonstrated that there's more power in the vibrations of two objects, such as tuning forks simultaneously vibrating, than there is in one simple vibration. When there are two vibrations made by tuning forks, they can create a specific field if they're in a particular kind of relationship with each other -- that is, within the range of an octave. Many think the fields that are generated have specific powers and abilities, and some assert that they may even be likened to a kind of interdimensional portal that allows travel between planes of existence.

Before the tuning forks could be created, I had to decide on the frequencies that would be used. Even before that, because I'd wanted to create tuning forks within the same octave, I used mathematics to see if I could get both numbers within the same range. Sensing that 501 (the numerical value of ASHER) would make an excellent frequency for one tuning fork, I also began working with the number 21, the numerical equivalent for the holy name EHEIH.

Then I started doubling it: 21 - 42 - 84 - 168 - 336 - 672. I looked at the number 672 and intuitively knew that there was something significant about it. I looked up the gematria of this number in the Cabalistic Encyclopedia to see if there was any special meaning contained in it. There was. For example, 168 was the numerical equivalent of the words to protect. I continued looking numbers up. Then I stopped in seeming disbelief as I discovered that 672 was the equivalent of another holy name -- the name YHVH ELOHIM. The number was also translated as to receive illumination. The hair stood up on the back of my arm -- there was something very powerful in this number.

I then had tuning forks cut for 168 hertz, 336 hertz, and 672 hertz to represent the sound of the EHIEH. Likewise, I had tuning forks cut to the 501 hertz and to lower octaves of this: 250.5 hertz and 125.25 hertz.

For those with a musical inclination, the frequencies of the I AM THAT I AM field come close to creating the interval (the musical relationship) of the fourth  -- with the first note somewhere between a B and a C, and the second note somewhere between an E and an F. This interval of the fourth has been studied and researched by various sonic practitioners, as some hold that it balances the nervous system, increases the auric field and may even expand our consciousness.

There are many other positive attributes associated with this interval. Its use in Gregorian chant is of particular note. The odds that these two numbers created via gematria and octaves should manifest a positive sonic relationship such as this are probably astronomical, as is the mathematical association between the EHEIH and YHVH ELOHIM numbers.

At this early date after my experiments, I can only speculate upon these tuning forks possessing an extraordinary relationship that's positive and beneficial to those who receive their energies.

Jonathan Goldman is an international authority on sound healing and a pioneer in the field of harmonics. He is the author of Healing Sounds, Shifting Frequencies, The Lost Cord and Tantra of Sound. Visit or The tuning forks that correspond to the Moses Code frequencies are also available


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