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New Connexion, a trusted publication in the Pacific Northwest for 24 years, is now an online resource. The January/February 2015 edition was our last print issue.

You can still find ideas for healthy living, spiritual practices and discovering your true self — all in our online community. Check in daily for new blogs or search through 14 years of back issues.

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Be Love Now
By Ram Dass

The ego is based on fear, the soul is based on love, says author Ram Dass. Release the ego by offering it to your heart’s fire of love.

Mantra: I am a point of sacrificial fire held within the fiery will of God.

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Herbal Antibiotics
By Stephen Harrod Buhner

The overuse of antibiotics has led to the rise of drug-resistant bacteria. The pharmaceuticals that once seemed our saviors are now our bane.

The alternative? Plant medicines.

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Affirmations for Job Seekers
By Paul and Tracey McManus

When you’re out of work, where do you turn when it seems nobody can help you or those you love? Try these seven affirmations to overcome unemployment and the painful emotions surrounding it.

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Dirty Art
By Leah Fanning Mebane

My medium of choice was traditional oil painting, which uses turpentine and toxic metal-laden paints. Then I learned to make my own oil paints from earthen clay and oil.

My passion for dirty art was ignited.

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Emotional Vampires
By Judith Orloff

Some relationships are positive and mood elevating. Others can suck the optimism right out of you. These emotional vampires do more than drain your physical energy.

They can make you believe you're unlovable.

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Power Animals
and Reiki
By Colleen Benelli

Eagle offers us a view from high above our path. Horse offers freedom with stability. Cougar is powerful and gentle. Fly asks the question: What have you missed?

Power animals are great spiritual companions, and they work well with Reiki.

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Magic Pill?
By Julia Schopick

Is there a “magic pill” that can stop the progression of diseases by increasing endorphins — the body’s natural pain killer — making you not only feel good, but get well?

Low dose naltrexone may be one of the most important medical discoveries of the 20th century.

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Astrology Forecast

Astromark: May 24-30, 2015

The moon continues in heart-opening Leo on Sunday, making it the most playful day of the USA Memorial Day holiday. The tone is more productive on the 24th as the moon quietly slips into hard-working Virgo.

Mark Dodich
Mark Dodich

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Alternative Health

How to Be Your Own Energy Healer

Once you learn to feel and work with your body's own three energy systems -- spiritual, life force, and identity -- it can open up a whole new way to deal with negative emotions such as mild depression or anxiety and the physical symptoms that result from these conditions. Don't know how to find or tap into your energy fields? Here are three simple ways to get started.

Mary Ann Robbat
Mary Ann Robbat

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How to Be Your Own Energy Healer
By Mary Ann Robbat

Once you learn to feel and work with your body's own three energy systems -- spiritual, life force, and identity -- it can open up a whole new way ...

Astromark: May 24-30, 2015
By Mark Dodich

May 24-30: The moon continues in heart-opening Leo on Sunday, making it the most playful day of the USA Memorial Day holiday. The ...

Thoughts from the Wisdom Keepers
By George Cappannelli

Navigating Your Future: Thoughts From The Wisdom Keepers To Help You Minimize Obstacles & Maximize Opportunities In This Brave ...

Musical Rapture Healing from the Divine Feminine
By Patricia Cota-Robles

On Sunday, May 24, 2015, over two billion Christians around the World will celebrate Pentecost. This was an event involving the twelve Disciples, ...

Secret Garden - An Invisible Bouquet of Vibrations!
By Jill Mattson

We know that plants respond and grow better to music, especially while listening to classical music. But does sound change the physicality of a plant ...

AstroMark: May 17-23, 2015
By Mark Dodich

May 17-23: The New Moon is on Sunday the 17th at 9:13 PM PDT (27 degrees Taurus). If you check out ...

Identifying Your Sneaky Beliefs: What Are Your "But" Statements?
By MJ Schwader

Ever wondered why you aren’t getting what you desire, even when you think you are following the principles of the Law of Attraction? There has been much written ...

The Path that Cured My Fear
By Michelle Hutchinson

Every morning I would walk a beautiful path in my community that took me way back through fields and trees and past a peaceful bubbling stream ...

An Enlightened Response to Pain and Other Symptoms
By Alison Anton

If you struggle with pain or illness, you already know how to observe your body. In fact, you're probably overly aware of your symptoms—so ...

AstroMark: May 10-16, 2015
By Mark Dodich

May 10-16: The moon is in Aquarius May 10th for Mother’s Day, producing more of a group energy than a cozy gathering, so ...

Tight Butt Spirituality
By Nick Seneca Jankel

How many people come out of a yoga studio feeling the bliss of post-asana high, only to encounter a homeless person and feel a touch of irritation ...

R.E.S.P.E.C.T. Find Out What It Means To You
By Dr. Denee Jordan

We’ve all heard it: “You have to love yourself before you love anyone else.” ...

Letting Go Again: A Birth Mother's Tale of Adoption, Reunion, Separation and Growth
By MJ Schwader

Interview with Kimberly Smythe, author of the book Letting Go Again: A Birth Mother’s Tale of Adoption, Reunion, Separation and ...

Playing Games with The Five Agreements
By MJ Schwader

You’ve read about The Five Agreements, the Toltec common-sense code of living described in the works of Don Miguel Ruiz ...

Don't Worry, Be Happy
By David Wood

Glimpses of the divine come to many of us on the spiritual path in moments scattered throughout our lives. In ...

Keeping Your Back Healthy
By Spine Health Institute

Can a healthy routine reduce your back problems? Back pain doesn’t just originate from a single incident of incorrectly lifting a ...

AstroMark: May 3-9, 2015
By Mark Dodich

May 3-9: The full moon is exact on Sunday, May 3 at 8:42 PM PST (14 degrees Scorpio/Taurus). It makes a “T” shaped ...

Using Your Intuitive Intelligence
By Kim Corbin

Would a group of seasoned police detectives willingly attend a class on intuition? They would if it’s taught by Simone Wright, a mind coach ...

Can You Be Successful and Spiritual?
By Ginny Grimsley

It’s second nature for many people to toil endlessly to achieve what the world at large considers a successful life. But success ...

Meet Your Feet, Belly to the Earth
By Patricia Koch

Last week I was “belly to the earth,” stretched out face down in the grass, arms outstretched to hug the earth. I was grounding with ...

Oils for Health and Beauty
By Susan M. Parker

Oils, beautiful, colorful and vibrant, are nourishing, soothing, sensual and medicinal. Occupying a place in nearly all aspects of life, from ...

AstroMark: April 26-May 2, 2015
By Mark Dodich

April 26-May 2: The moon is in heart-opening Leo on Sunday, making it a good day to participate with heart-centered people. ...

Evolutionary Shift of Money
By Cindia Carrere

Before the Internet, if a prophet or a visionary had something to say, he would stand on a street corner and shout, jump on a soap box, or wave a ...

Connecting, Not Competing with Women
By Dottie DeHart

Competing with other women is out. Connecting with other women to share ideas, work together on projects and offer support is in. The ...

Creating Greater Net-Worth
By Nate Loomis

Have you ever walked or drove alone, perhaps on your way to work, and find yourself talking out loud to yourself? I admit, I do. Most of ...


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Thoughts from the Wisdom Keepers

We are in a time unlike any before it, with a demographic revolution that will result in 50% of the population in every country in the world being over 50 for the first time in history. To address the question of how to write a new act for aging, members of AgeNation’s World Council of Wisdom Keeper share their thoughts and recommendations.

George Cappannelli
George Cappannelli

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Musical Rapture Healing from the Divine Feminine

On Pentecost Sunday 2015, the Holy Spirit, our Mother God, will bless every particle and wave of life on earth through a Baptism by Sacred Fire using a gift of music from the Spheres of Light known as Musical Rapture.

Patricia Cota-Robles
Patricia Cota-Robles

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