March/April 2011 Conscious Media
Reader's Choice

by Vicky Thompson

Wake Up, Jonas Elrod and Chloe Crespi, Beyond Words, 2010, $19.95

The “wake up” in the DVD Wake Up is Jonas Elrod opening his eyes one day in a San Francisco hotel room and realizing he can see otherworldly things — spirits, demons, angels and auras. Shortly after that, his best buddy dies, and the combination of events sends Elrod and his skeptical but loving girlfriend, Mara, on a journey across the nation and beyond, seeking help, enlightenment and scientific validation. His search includes the minister of the small-town Georgia church he grew up in, a man in Rome who takes pictures of spirits, various experts in the science of the paranormal, an acupuncturist, a Sufi healer, Buddhist nun Joan Halifax, and Ramtha channeler JZ Knight. The climax is a nine-day Skokomish vision quest in the woods near Chehalis, Wash. Yet after he’s done all these things, you can’t help but wonder: why Jonas Elrod? Why this ordinary guy in sneakers and a baseball cap? Elrod wonders, too. He makes no claims to insider spiritual knowledge based on his visions, but says the entities have told him to explain that their world exists. This documentary is part of that explanation.

— Fran Gardner

Rainbow Warrior Awaken!, Mara Berendt Friedman and Trinity Harris, TrinQuinity Productions, 2010, $33

The power of the divine feminine flows with grace through this 44-card divination deck and guidebook. The deck features the visionary art of Mara Berendt Friedman and messages from the voice of the wise grandmother written by energy therapist Trinity Harris. The seed was planted for creating the deck when Friedman kept hearing the words rainbow warrior. She later learned about Native American prophecies that tell of a time when the planet is ravaged by environmental destruction and in a grave state of imbalance. A new tribe of people of every color, culture and creed will gather, and these rainbow children, through their compassionate actions, will heal the wounds of Mother Earth. The messages and images awaken the sacred wisdom of the crone dwelling in all beings, creating living doorways through which the sacred feminine brings forth love and truth.

— Vicky Thompson

The Two Sisters’ Café, Elena Yates Eulo and Samantha Harper Macy, Portal Books, 2010, $24.95

Sisters Alma and Vannie May own a small magical café in Willow Creek, a sleepy little town set in the 1950s in rural Kentucky. The café hosts town meetings, gossip sessions, delicious home cooked meals and a special kind of magic. Many of the local residents have their lives drastically changed after coming to the café. The heart of Willow Creek lies in the hands of these two amazing and capable sisters who endeavor to help better the lives of their fellow townsfolk in their own unique way. The sisters take on a young apprentice, who works with them in the café, learning and practicing the teachings. This magical story kept me intrigued and hungry for more. I found myself wanting to drop by the café and have a cup of tea with these two fictional women. This is a lovely, uplifting and positive story with just enough twists and laugh-out-loud moments to make it an exceptional read.

— Jelina Vance

Tapping the Source, William Gladstone, Richard Greninger and Gayle Newhouse, Beyond Words, 2010, $19.95

How do you find your own inner joy and peace? How do you find happiness? This DVD discusses the how and why we want to go within to find that place of discovery. More than 100 people were interviewed and asked: What is source? They opened their hearts, shared their thoughts and experiences, illustrating perhaps a shift in consciousness to a place of deeper meaning. This is a definite feel good movie, inspiring and joyful with such a positive message to share with the world. Maybe it will create a shift on a personal level, or perhaps we will notice it in politics, science, religion, business or even through art. It all fits together like a puzzle when you allow the pieces to come together.

— Jelina Vance

The Heart’s Note, Stewart Pearce, Findhorn Press, 2010, $14.95 

In his rich and heart-moving book, Stewart Pearce reminds us of the mysteries of living a heart-centered life. Pearce guides you to the secret chamber of the heart known as the Shante Ishta, the single eye of the heart, where you tune into the universal heartbeat. Through inspiring meditations, affirmations and toning, you open your heart and live from a place of deeper meaning. As a master of voice and a sound healer, Pearce understands the healing nature and power of sound. The Heart’s Note resonates with love, compassion and joy, inviting you to enter the secret chamber where our hearts beat as one.

— Vicky Thompson 


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