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Is Astrology Evil?

by Carmen Turner-Schott

I remember when I first started studying spiritual topics that were different from my traditional religious teachings. I was always drawn to the mysterious and astrology was something that I read about in the Bible. Many verses contradicted themselves and I became confused.

I knew that Jesus said, “There would be signs in the sun, moon and stars,” but then other verses were negative and judgmental about astrology. When I began reading books about the secret teachings of Jesus and learning the symbols in astrology, I felt as if I was doing something wrong. There was a small voice inside my head that tried to convince me that studying these things was somehow evil or sinister.

I realized for the first time what a powerful influence my upbringing had on me. Even after all the unexplained, mystical experiences during my childhood, I still had reservations about obtaining knowledge that was unique and even considered taboo. I often wondered why I felt this way. I remember reading in the Bible about the word “occult” and had a fascination with things that were hidden from open communication.

Astrology was never truly occult — it was actually practiced openly in biblical times and evidence shows it was a tool used by the ancient civilizations starting in Babylonia. It was not created as an occult science because it was never hidden or secret. The Christian church transformed astrology into something that was considered taboo, supernatural and mysterious.

Figures like Nostradamus practiced astrology behind the scenes because if they practiced it openly, they would be persecuted. It was a controversial time in human history with the church fighting to maintain control of the people. Anything that encouraged free thought was considered blasphemy.

The Catholic church now has the largest astrological library in the world and in the early church, astrology was accepted by many. Astrologers do not worship the stars and the planets. Most astrologers I know, especially Christian astrologers, believe that the energy of the planets impacts life on Earth. They believe that God created the heavens — the sun, moon and stars as it states in many verses in the Bible.

Most astrologers don’t believe astrology is their god and many of them believe only that the energy impacts us here on Earth. The moon affects the tides of the ocean and water sources, including the human body, which is made up of nearly 75 percent water. The moon does affect people’s emotions. When I worked with runaway teens in a youth service program, every full moon the teens ran away more frequently. Research shows that during full moons, more people report to the emergency room, more cars break down on the side of the road and more violence in general is reported by law enforcement personnel.

The word “occult” actually means “beyond the realm of human comprehension, hidden from view, concealed, available only to the initiate, and secret.” I realized that astrology was a symbolic language and I was determined to learn it. I read books about symbols and religion. I studied the tarot and the astrological symbols hidden within each card.

I was the most fascinated when I learned about the symbol of the pentagram. As a Christian, I was always taught that the pentagram was the symbol for satanism and the devil. I learned a very important piece of secret information when I dug a little deeper in my studies. I found out that the pentagram was actually a symbol of protection used by Christians to ward off evil spirits. They would draw the star on their doors and houses to ward off evil.

The pentagram was also used by medieval Christians to represent the five wounds of Christ. It was not until many powerful people of the church wanted to control these fears that this symbol became taboo and associated with the occult.

Today the pentagram star symbol is found in many places. Police and sheriffs wear the star, and they are sworn to protect us from danger. In the Tree of Life from the Jewish Kabbalah, the star or pentagram represents the higher will striving to attain greater levels of consciousness when the point is facing upward. If the point is facing downward, it represents the lower animal will and acting on our personal desires. In Christian art, Saint Bruno is known to wear the star on his breast and three saints wore the star on their forehead: Saint Dominic, Saint Humbert and Saint Peter of Alcantara.

Astrological symbols are found throughout the Bible and are considered hidden and mysterious because there is much left open to interpretation.

Carmen Turner-Schott, MSW, LISW, is a practicing licensed clinical social worker and astrological counselor providing consultations nationally and internationally. Visit


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