May/June 2005 Living Now
The Universal Power of Hado

by Toyoko Matsuzaki

Have you ever walked into a room full of people and, without anyone saying a word, you sensed the mood? After receiving a warm hug, have you felt like a huge burden was lifted? If so, you were experiencing the power of hado. It is that simple.

"Hado" may be new to our ears, but it has existed in the Japanese language for centuries. Literally translated, it means wave motion or vibration. Within the past few decades hado has been spoken of in the context of philosophy, science, and quantum physics. More recently, the definition has expanded into the spiritual realm to express the healing properties and transformative powers of this life-force energy.

Japanese scientist Dr. Masaru Emoto introduces the concept of hado in his bestselling book, The Hidden Messages in Water.

Hado is the intrinsic vibrational pattern at the atomic level in all matter, the smallest unit of energy. Its basis is the energy of human consciousness."
--Masaru Emoto

Is there a difference between hado, chi, and aura? Yes, but the concepts are similar. "Chi," which originated in ancient Chinese medicine and philosophy, is an energy force used in reference to so many different concepts, such as air, emotion, or feelings, that the Japanese spiritual community now uses the word "hado" to express the life-force energy.

Hado is different from aura because an aura is soft energy lingering around the body that may provide a limited amount of personal information. Hado energy is strong and active and releases very detailed information about a person, much like a diary or a medical chart. An aura is not something you release or send, but you can send hado with a specific purpose once you understand how. Ultimately, hado can manipulate the essence of the physical and the intangible. For example, hado can heal your injuries or transform a picture from two into three dimensions.

What does hado look like? According to Japanese hado master Toyoko Matsuzaki, it changes its appearance all the time because of its moving nature and everyone perceives it differently. It may appear as a warm glow or snow showers of pale colors or even rich bold rainbow colors. You may sense the density or weight of hado as light and comfortable or heavy and stifling. For instance, if you stand in a candy store you may feel lighter than you would standing in a funeral home. You are feeling the temperature of hado when you refer to someone as having a warm personality or a cold heart.

Hado is everywhere. It’s in you, your house, your office, your plants, your water, even your computer. And everyone and everything including your housepets, your wood floors, and the mug on your desk act as an antenna to receive it. After circulating inside the body or innate materials, hado returns to the air in Mother Nature.

The power of hado can be harnessed and used for specific intentions. Each person has equal access to hado power by nature, but the output of power is different in each individual. If you have been told, "You are a good chef," or "You give a great massage," you were most likely born with the ability to develop strong hado powers. Hado master Toyoko Matsuzaki discovered her own hado ability after her mother suffered a severe stroke. To ease her mother’s pain she massaged her paralyzed body. A miraculous sensation welled up within her soul—she started sending her own hado power to her mother without knowing it. With this power she healed her mother’s paralysis. After this incident her friends and family members started to visit her seeking help. When strangers started approaching her for assistance, she began to seriously study hado. Today she travels as a consultant throughout Japan, Taiwan, and the United States. Her varied clientele includes business professionals, artists, musicians, physicians, lawyers, actors, and homebuyers.

Although everyone has hado power, it takes a natural gift, dedicated study, and years of practice to reach a master’s level, just like many people can play basketball, but only those with a special talent can play in the NBA. To get started on your path to hado power, take this simple first step: Become aware of the space around you - its feeling, temperature, and density of the air. Start to do this everywhere you go: your home, office, the grocery store, your friends’ houses. You will begin to notice variations in hado and sense the subtle intricacies. Become attuned to hado that feels good and hado that feels bad. In her new book, Matsuaki offers further exercises for beginners. In one exercise, beginners are instructed to send their hado to a painting. After sending enough hado, the colors of the painting become more vivid and embossed—literally "three-dimensional." Or, if you love to watch sports, you can practice your hado power by watching competitions. Start with one-on-one sport games, such as boxing. Before the competition, compare the density of the air released from both players, and guess who will win.

With practice you may acquire the ability to change the taste of food and water, improve the energy in your home or office, discover people’s (especially children’s) hidden talents, even heal physical ailments and imbalances of your own and others’, discover your hidden clairvoyant abilities, and receive messages from departed loved ones.

If your interest in hado is piqued, Matsuzaki offers more tips to improving your life with hado in her book, The Healing Power of Hado:

Receive Good Hado from Mother Nature
The easiest way to receive good hado is to visit nature, such as walking in the forest, camping alongside a pure stream, or going to the beach. This pure hado stays with you only temporarily, so you should connect with nature as often as you can. If you are living in the city and have no time to visit nature, you can receive good hado all the time by filling your home with plants. Without exception, plants release good hado, and the bigger the trunk of the plant, the stronger the hado it releases.

Make Your Jewelry Shine
Jewelry is touching your body directly and tends to absorb your negative energy. With the help of plants, you can cleanse your jewelry, too. Open up the windows and the screens and put your jewelry near the base of strong plants and leave it for a while. If your jewelry has absorbed a large amount of negative energy, you may want to leave it all day. Also, you will see a difference if you put the jewelry near the window and expose it to the air and sunlight on a sunny, dry day.

Improve the Energy of a New Living Space
Dwellings are imprinted with the thoughts and emotions of previous owners. Those residual feelings are sometimes so strong that they control the next occupants’ feelings and behaviors. To improve a new place’s hado, try the following method. Choose a sunny day to cleanse your house. First, prepare salt water and open all the windows, screens, and doors, and turn on any air conditioners and fans. Ask everyone to leave the house and stay out until the procedure is finished. Pour the salt water onto the ground around your building, asking the salt to purify your house. Visualize the air inside of each room moving to the exits, such as windows and doors, and leaving the house. Repeat this visualization until all the air finally exits. Stay away from the house for at least ten minutes so that you don’t expose yourself to the dense, negative hado energy that is leaving.

Once we become aware of it in our everyday lives, hado can spark great changes in our physical space, health, relationships, business, and ability to cope with difficult situations. The most important principle of hado is to practice it every day to feel your energy improving. See for yourself and unleash this subtle yet powerful energy into your life.

Toyoko Matsuzaki’s new book, The Healing Power of Hado (Beyond Words Publishing), offers a clear understanding of hado properties that help to demystify this special form of energy. Also included are helpful tips for anyone to access their own powers, lessons to practice hado skills, and guidelines to form practice groups. Toyoko lives in Osaka, Japan and is currently traveling throughout the world teaching hado.