January/February 2003 Featured Stories
Gifts of Spirit
Through Trance Medium Arthur Pacheco

by Susan Luning

Arthur Pacheco

In January 1988 I had arrived at a point in my life when I was done with earthly teachers. I declared to the Universe that now I wanted to be taught by the spirit world.

For seven months I had been looking for a grandfather I didn’t even know, when my girlfriend called to ask if I knew a man named Arthur Pacheco. "No", I said. "He is a trance medium and is doing a full moon cruise off of Waikiki tonight. He goes into trance and then his guides will come through and speaks from the other side. Would you like to go?" "Is the Pope Catholic?" I replied, and off we went.

That night Arthur walked over to me after his trance address. We sat in casual conversation when he said, "There is a man standing next to you. He is tall, distinguished and would appear to be on your father’s side of the family, an older man. Has your father lost someone in his family?" At first I said no, but then remembered I had been looking for my grandfather. "Well, he is standing right next to you. I can tell he’s been on the other side for some time because he knows his way around there. He wants you to know he is responsible for you coming tonight. He also wants you to know he is one of your guides, working with you from the other side." That night I floated home overflowing with the wonder of what occurred.

A month later I was in Arthur’s living room when he went into trance. Arthur’s special gift is being a trance medium—that is he steps outside his body to let a particular energy use it to communicate. His main guide, Sir Arthur Conan Doyle came through to chat. Sir Arthur, who refers to himself as the Spokesman for the council that guides Arthur, passed away in 1930 and is widely known as the author of the Sherlock Holmes novels. He wanted me to know that they (those that guide Arthur from the other side) are not interested in telling anyone, let alone me, what to do, as they are far more interested in the evolution of one’s soul. I didn’t realize it then, but the decree I sent into the Universe nine months earlier had just manifested.

That was the beginning of an exhilarating adventure with my newfound friend Arthur Pacheco. Extraordinarily gifted, Arthur has been able to see into the other worlds since he was a child. He met his first psychic teacher at the age of 17, who instilled in him a dedication to high ethical standards. Manifesting every form of psychic ability, Arthur is able to see, hear and feel life on the other side, as clearly as we know it here on earth.

Sir Arthur once commented that he shopped the planet for a long time before choosing Arthur Pacheco as his medium. Trance mediumship is like driving a car. Only one person can drive the car at a time. So, before Arthur came into this life, he agreed to a contract whereby his guides can use his body and voice as their vehicle to get across important messages. Thus Arthur Pacheco moves over and allows his guides to get in the driver’s seat.

"Why would a guide wish to entrance someone under their care?" you might ask. A person living on earth has a limited view of what is really going on down here. For example, someone standing at the bottom of a mountain can only see so much, whereas, someone at the top of the mountain has a panoramic view. Those that reside in high and lofty places beyond have a much greater perspective of what is happening, and have the ability to see the truth in all situations. Because of a deep and abiding love for us on earth, and great compassion for our struggles, they wish to help whenever they can by sharing what they see.

Many times have I been blessed with profound wisdom through Arthur’s trance mediumship. I remember once Sir Arthur said, "Your time on earth is likened to the time a fish spends out of water. The time the fish spends in the water would be equivalent to the time you spend in spirit, your true home. You cannot really ever feel at home on earth, for it is not home."

Then another time he shared, "On earth when you hear of someone dying of cancer or some life threatening illness, you think it is such a terrible thing. In our world, when we hear this same news we get very excited and say, ‘Oh look who’s coming home.’ We can hardly wait as preparation begins for the homecoming party." For me, these examples, when shared, truly put life on earth into proper perspective.

For the past fourteen years life has been an exhilarating and on-going adventure because of my relationship with Arthur Pacheco, the other side, and all that has been gained through both. I have observed, with delight, the awakening of many to the reality that life goes on after death; that life on earth is but a small slice of a much greater whole. In fact, life as we know it here is like a dark, dim, dense and confining room, compared to the splendor of life beyond.

The awareness of the interconnectedness of all of life is one of the sweetest gifts of Arthur’s trance mediumship. The clear message is that what we do here affects there, and what happens there affects our life on earth as well. They cannot accomplish their earthly goals without us; equally we need their wisdom and love to bring this earth to her next evolutionary step.

The common thread woven through all dimensions is love, the glue that holds it all together.

Arthur Pacheco will be coming to Portland from February 2nd to 15th. See Calendar of Events or call 503-526-0838 for more information.