September/October 2002 Astrology Forecast
Your Natural Partners
What Your Seventh House Cusp Has To Say About Your Closest Connections

In the astrological analysis of a birth chart, the rising sign (also referred to as the Ascendant) symbolizes the way in which one projects oneself into the environment. It represents one’s self image and speaks volumes about the personal interplay of an individual’s personality with the world in which we live. If you have ever had your astrological birth chart calculated, you know your rising sign. This point in the chart is based upon the precise moment that you entered the world, along with the exact date and location of your birth.

The point directly opposite to your Ascendant is the Descendant—your Seventh House. This is the point in your birth map that provides specific information about partnerships. The Seventh House represents marriage and business partners, close friendships and open enmity. Simply put, the sign on your Seventh House cusp provides clues about the people you attract as well as the people you are attracted to in your closest connections.

For the purpose of this article, you simply need to know your rising sign in order to determine the sign on your partnership house cusp. The zodiac sign directly opposite your rising is your Seventh House cusp sign. Find your rising sign below, then read the description which follows to gain some basic information about the traits of your closest ties.

Aries Rising: The planet Venus rules your Seventh House. Libra on the Seventh attracts an artistic mate who is a natural born diplomat with a refined temperament. You have a tendency to draw in skilled communicators who enjoy a good debate. The "we" consciousness is important in your relationships along with a sense of fairness and balance. Remember to give equal time to your needs as well as the needs of your partner.

Taurus Rising: The planets Pluto and Mars rule your Seventh House. Scorpio on the Seventh suggests that you came in seeking deep transformation through your connections to others. Your natural partners are likely to be fiercely loyal and passionate about you. There is a tendency to link up with people who are magnetic, powerful and driven to achieve. Be cautious of mutual possessive inclinations. The highest use of your relationship power is to heal and bless the other through emotional regeneration.

Gemini Rising: The planet Jupiter rules your Seventh House. Sagittarius on this cusp brings partners who are in some way very different from you. Perhaps they were born in another country or have a vastly different philosophical viewpoint. They may hold academic accolades. Your significant ties are often benevolent souls who are natural born idealists. Spirituality is likely to be important within your relationship. A positive manifestation of the soul evolution energy that you bring to each other is to learn and study together for mutual growth. Broadening your horizons via foreign travel and researching various philosophical belief systems is a key theme.

Cancer Rising: The planet Saturn rules your Seventh House. Capricorn on this cusp brings you connections that are karmic. You may feel a certain fated quality about your relationship. Connections often involve someone much older or younger than you. Relationships often are formed for the purpose of practicality with a business as the backbone that supports the relationship. Conventionality and tradition are important with this placement. Building a home and creating a family together are often priorities. Partners tend to be ambitious, authoritative and hungry for status in the outer world.

Leo Rising: The planets Uranus and Saturn rule your Seventh House. Aquarius on the Seventh brings you original, unpredictable, eclectic, temperamentally cool and ingenious partners. Significant others are uniquely unusual--a big attention-getter for the Leo rising individual. Growth is found through partnerships that accent mutual independence and the preservation of separate identities. Partners are progressive, intellectual, high-tech creators who are channels for the collective consciousness of humanity. This placement is perfect for the creation of non-traditional relationships. Once a bond is formed, it often lasts for a long time.

Virgo Rising: The planet Neptune rules your Seventh House. Pisces on the Seventh brings you partners who are the most emotionally sensitive of the zodiac. You likely attract artists (especially painters, musicians and singers), mystics, healers and others who are tuned into you on a psychic level of awareness. There is such a strong spiritual connection between the two of you that you both may feel that you have been together previously in other life journeys. An element of sacrifice for the other may be evident in your relationship. Use your deep emotional bond to merge with each other body, mind and spirit.

Libra Rising: The planet Mars rules your Seventh House. Aries on the Seventh ushers in connections that involve competition. Your partners are frequently impulsive, sports-oriented/physically active individuals who enjoy being the boss within the environment of your relationship. On the highest level, a strong sense of strength and protection can be gained through your connection. A good deal of fun can be had through the use of your mutual physical energies on hikes in the great outdoors and spectating at sporting events; your catch phrase is "keep it active." Channel your combined high energy into healthy fair play where strategies can manifest in a healthy forum.

Scorpio Rising: The planet Venus rules your Seventh House. Taurus on the Seventh brings you sweet, loving, receptive, traditional partners who brim over with happiness when they dote on you. These people are by nature protective, home-loving, sweet souls. The fixed signs provide permanence. Once a partnership is formed, it tends to stick. The physical senses are strongly stimulated with this placement, and cooking, sharing financial responsibilities (including a mortgage) and sensual pleasures are strong sources of bonding that combine to make the union a durable one. All things on the material level are important.

Sagittarius Rising: The planet Mercury rules your Seventh House. Gemini on the Seventh brings you quick, clever, witty partners who have a gift for gab and a strong sense of humor. Communication and mental stimulation is the highest priority with this placement. Partners often exhibit extreme nervous tension, this is a result of Mercury’s influence on the nervous system—it makes it run on high wattage. There is a quality of duplicity here, and the twins on the Seventh bring with it multiple partnership opportunities. A sense of humor coupled with forgiveness for human foibles is key for a successful union. Keep it light and lively.

Capricorn Rising: The Moon rules your Seventh House. Cancer on the Seventh gives your partners a strong emotional sensibility—these are people who think with their hearts. Both of you tend to be fairly traditional. Building a home and creating a family together may be why you have joined each other. The protection and preservation of home and family is a key theme in the relationship. Enjoy researching family roots and traditions together—these activities will serve to bond your union. Mutual feelings should be nurtured, respected and understood. The open sharing of what is going on internally within each of you will grow and protect the emotional body of your relationship.

Aquarius Rising: The Sun rules your Seventh House. Leo the lion on the Seventh brings you a significant other who tends to have a sunny and happy disposition, celebrates life to the maximum and has a healthy sense of the dramatic. Partners are often creative in the performing arts and generally are put in a position of power and authority in their chosen careers. Leos are protective of what they consider to be a part of them--and that’s you. Your partner is here to show you the way to explore all things creative and how to live life to the fullest.

Pisces Rising: The planet Mercury rules your Seventh House. Virgo on the Seventh often brings partners who you work with in some capacity. They are usually analytical people who are quite intelligent. There is a tendency to tell it like it is regardless of feelings. Guard against extreme criticism with this placement. A good sense of that which is practically useful is a gift to you from your partner. In the highest sense, your partner will seek to be of service to you in many useful areas of life where their capable natures seek expression. They are the great fixer-uppers and repairmen and women of the zodiac. Your Virgoan partner can show you methods for preserving the body via exercise, natural remedies and healthy diets.

The month honoring relationship is upon us. The Sun transits the sign of Libra on September 22 through October 23. Celebrate your divine connections.