March/April 2002 Featured Stories
New Avenues in Energetic Healing

by Marnie Greenberg

Dr. Kam Yuen is a healer who eliminates pain faster than anyone in the world - two minutes or less according to David Carradine. He is the foremost expert on martial arts and served as the technical advisor for the original TV show, “Kung Fu.” Carradine, the show’s star, became his student and disciple. Dr. Yuen is a doctor of Chinese herbal medicine, acupuncture and Chinese medicine. He also went on to study chiropractic to blend the Western view of anatomy and physiology with his traditional Chinese training.

When you allow it to happen, instant healing occurs. Disease is the subconscious blocking of your own natural processes and energies to the healing energies in the universe. When you remain connected to this universal energy, you benefit from an innate understanding of how you fit into the universal scheme and also how to remain free of ailment and disease. When you resist being part of the flow of the changing universe through over-guarding, over-protecting or over-stressing yourself, you inevitably disconnect from this healing energy source, leading to physical and mental disorders in your life, as well as blocked relationships and goals.

Since ancient times, healers from all civilizations have recognized the levels of powerful energy available to us and have learned how to channel and use them through a variety of healing techniques- from acupuncture to Reiki to Therapeutic Touch. While these techniques are useful, they beg the question of what caused these energy imbalances in the first place. If the underlying cause is not addressed, what will prevent another imbalance from resurfacing in one form or another?

Working with Energy

Each cell, down to its atoms and nuclei, is connected with the other sources of energy entering you from every level of existence. Today's energy healers realize that to effect a complete healing, causative memories and beliefs must be released on all levels of consciousness, from the creator level to the cellular level, down to quantum realty itself.

The cutting edge of energy medicine lies in finding the root cause of the illness, blockage or imbalance which usually lies buried in a fetal, childhood, ancestral or past life trauma or belief. The trick is not only to uncover it, but more importantly to release it. The intense thoughts and emotions surrounding the event or belief may be extremely powerful and must be released on all levels of awareness - physical, mental, emotional, spiritual, and psychic - and on all planes of consciousness, from the God level down to quantum reality.

From Martial Arts to Healing Arts

Dr. Kam Yuen is a 61 year old grandmaster of Shaolin Kung Fu, Tai Mantis Kung Fu, Tai Chi Chuan and Chi-Kung. He is also a doctor of chiropractic, acupuncture and traditional Chinese medicine. Dr. Yuen became a major factor in popularizing the martial arts in the Western hemisphere when, as technical advisor to the original television series, "Kung Fu," he became a mentor and teacher to its star David Carradine.

David recalls that about ten years after Dr. Yuen opened the largest chain of Tai Mantis Kung Fu schools in Southern California, both men began to lose interest in the fighting and self defense aspect of the martial arts. "We both felt our abilities were better suited to healing and helping students maximize their spiritual potential," Carradine reminisces.

Carradine who hung out at Kam's Torrence studio, living in a small back room, continues, "Eventually when people came in to learn to fight, Kam would tell them to go find a big stick and leave him in peace. He gave up the schools to his students and went to study chiropractic in an attempt to integrate the Western view of anatomy and physiology with his traditional Chinese training."

Dr. Yuen's interest in energy can be traced to his Shaolin martial arts training in Hong Kong which began in his childhood. As a young man he realized he was intuitively aware of his opponents' energetic weaknesses and could use them to his advantage. Years later as he observed these weaknesses in his students, he concluded they would be better served by correcting the weaknesses than by being taught self defense.

After completing his chiropractic training, Dr. Yuen began experimenting with his patients and discovered that their energy fields revealed hidden information about their problems. He discovered many different levels of causation for these problems and developed a specific progression to follow in diagnosing each level. His non-touch energetic method proved so successful, patients rarely had to return for a second visit. Eventually the technique evolved into a detailed and comprehensive system of pinpointing the exact root causes of the pain, illness or dysfunction and outlined steps to correct these imbalances quite easily and simply - oftentimes, instantaneously. Knowing that he could treat only a limited number of people by himself, he distilled the philosophy and the mechanics of the technique into a cohesive course consisting of basic, intermediate and advanced levels.

Offered here is a simplified version of the steps in Dr. Yuen's technique.

1. Eliminate Self-Sabotage

 Think you have bad luck? Or perhaps it's poor timing, fate or bad genes that has thwarted your goals and undermined your health. Highly unlikely. Rather, it's the universe mirroring the negative programming in your subconscious mind. Meet the four destroyers: unready, unwilling, unable, and undeserving. These are the culprits that sabotage your happiness and well being, and you're probably not even aware of their presence. Not only do we stubbornly hold onto these limiting beliefs, we seem to be masters at it; so much so that affirmations, positive visualizations, and even hypnotic reprogramming can have little effect. These patterns often go back generations.

Step One, Part One, is to locate the precise destroyers and eliminate them energetically.

Step One, Part Two is to test the subconscious mind to see how long it will take to manifest the desired change or improvement: eons, centuries, years, months, weeks, days, hours, or minutes. Once again, subconscious programming for time expectations is often far more negative than that of the conscious mind. The goal of Part Two is to energetically bring the subconscious belief for healing time down to right now, this minute. The conscious and subconscious minds are now congruent and working as a team, clearing the way for the healing process. Self sabotage has been effectively eliminated.

2. Pinpoint the Root Causes of the Pain, Illness, or Failure and Release Them.

Here, each of the levels of consciousness is checked for energetic weakness as it pertains to the issue at hand: physical, mental, emotional, psychic and spiritual. When a weakness is found on a certain level follow Dr. Yuen's roadmap to the root cause, incorporating energetic corrections along the way. Find all possible contributing weaknesses and correct them.

The mental and emotional levels refer to our thoughts and emotions and include not only the traumatic memories and beliefs from our own lifetime, but those imprinted from ancestors and karmas. Traumatic events are almost always emotionalized. It is only a true master who can detach his thoughts and feelings from unfavorable circumstances. These debilitating stored emotions can be triggered whenever a person sees, smells, hears, or feels certain trivial reminders of the original trauma. In addition memories of traumas, illnesses, fears and other negative emotions may lodge in the body at the structural level. Memories must be tested for and released from tissues, cells, DNA, molecules, atoms, nuclei, sub-nuclei, and the quantum field.

The psychic level pertains to influences we pick up from the surrounding environment: friends, family, workplace and all those to whom we are connected including the collective consciousness and astrological influences. A cold might be triggered by a current event. An ulcer attack might be the result of anger directed at us by a jealous co-worker. A minor ailment may intensify if a person feels he is not suffering as much as others with whom he feels connected. Other contributing factors on this level are fears of the unknown, of having too much psychic power, of trusting one's intuition, of not being grounded, and the practice of over-guarding ourselves from the normal progression into the psychic realm.

The spiritual level refers to the highest realities in the universe as they are connected to your own being. Inasmuch as you develop your understanding of these energies, you can explore how the spiritual realm affects your health, prosperity, relationships and purpose. The illness, pain and unhappiness that result from weaknesses on this level are due to a disconnection from the higher energies. When the weakness is traced back to its root and energetic corrections are made, the higher energies once again flow in their normal fashion.

One other factor worth mentioning here is the proper integration of parallel universes. A parallel universe is one that exists in another dimension, but occupies the same time and space as our own, and thereby has an effect on our current physical experience. The healer must ensure the integration of all perceived universes to minimize conflict and rejection of healing in a person's total experience. The integration of past, present and future time frames must also be aligned with each other through harmonious energy, rather than being perceived as separate and disconnected.

3. Help Prevent Future Problems

Don't deplete your energy; you can accomplish more by doing less. Tapping into your potential should not be an act of sheer determination and will. Such behavior hinders performance and health on every level of consciousness. Energetically eliminate, release and protect yourself from constant effort. Learn to override the daily effects of stress, anxiety and tension through the ability to turn them off at will. Step Three is to program relaxation into all levels of your daily living.

4. Learn A Powerful Meditation

Step Four is to practice this powerful meditation daily. It strengthens the connection between the ego and the higher realms of consciousness where the energy of healing, true knowing and creativity reside. Such energy affects every cell, molecule and atom of your existence and enhances your innate power to heal, emerge and ascend. In this meditation you focus on each chakra and perform specific energetic corrections for the patterns which are inhibiting full access to the meditative state. This allows an individual to reach from beta to alpha to theta levels of consciousness in an accelerated progression and achieve access to energy in of a matter of months which otherwise would take years to achieve. In addition, the energetic corrections are structured to accelerate the opening of the higher centers by very specifically addressing the issues which block higher intuition, creativity, wisdom, unconditional love, and ultimately, the ability to merge with "all that is."

  • First chakra energetic corrections: balance, centeredness and stability to enhance the grounding function of this chakra; also readiness, openness and receptivity to override being stuck in the survival mode.
  • Second chakra energetic corrections: innocence and purity to re-establish connection with childhood innerself.
  • Third chakra energetic corrections: release of control issues and the closing of old doors and wounds.
  • Fourth chakra energetic corrections: neutrality, non-judgement and criticism, fearlessness, bodilessness and timelessness. This is followed by a complete soul cleansing.
  • Fifth chakra energetic corrections: opening to creativity, corrections for right to left brain integrity and proper functioning of the nervous system.
  • Sixth chakra energetic corrections: opening to intuitive abilities and the readiness to receive and rely on inner wisdom.
  • Seventh chakra energetic corrections: the integration of past, present and future, the transcendent state, freedom, independence, protection, release, the emergence into ascension.

Focus on the midline of the body for a series of energetic corrections for rejuvenation.

Dr. Yuen invites you to meet and master the challenge of energetic healing. In a fraction of a second you can change your beliefs regarding illness and limitations as well as the true possibilities of healing and the time it takes to accomplish it. Learn the simple energetic techniques that take the mystery out of healing and say goodbye to your former self. The results are nothing less than spectacular.

Marnie Greenberg is a medical intuitive who has been healing since age three. She organizes and co-leads Instant Healing seminars for Dr. Kam Yuen. Dr. Yuen will be offering a series of introductory seminars and workshops in the Portland area from April 8 to 21. See the ad in the centerfold of this issue for more information or call 877-981-3400.