November / December 2014

Featured Stories Can the Placebo Effect Change Your Life?Dr. Joe Dispenza
Is Gluten Making You Sick?Dr. Doni Wilson
Alternative Health Balancing the Nervous System After Injury ShockDr. Maud Nerman
Moving Beyond Medication to Treat DepressionGraeme Cowan
Astrology Forecast AstroMark: Emotional Completions and Then Party!Mark Dodich
Starscope: Birthing the New StoryEmily Trinkaus
Community Spotlight Remembering How to DreamTami Lynn Kent
Conscious Media Playing The Five AgreementsBrandt Morgan
Reader's Choice 11-14
Cover Artist Creating with Whimsical SleepinessJesse Narens
Everyday Intention Dreaming with Polar BearsDawn Baumann Brunke
Editor's Blog Does Bigfoot Exist?Vicky Thompson
Living Now Are Obesogens Making You Fat?Roddy Scheer and Doug Moss
Spiritual CookingYael Eckstein
Take Back Authority Over Your Own LifeGuy Finley
Spirituality Healing the Scars of Trauma and AbuseTom North
Heart-Centered Awareness and CreationMelissa Joy Jonsson
Talking Stick Talking StickAnne Perry
This I Believe Worldwide Prayer ProjectParmahansa Jagadish
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