January / February 2015

Featured Stories 2015 - The Year of Walking Your Talk
4 Myths that Keep You from Living Fully and FearlesslyAnita Moorjani
Alternative Health Eat Well for LessJoan Borysenko
The Freeze State and the Dentist's ChairSuzie Wolfer and Joshua Sylvae
Astrology Forecast Starscope: To Conceive or to Aspire?Marisol
Community Spotlight Reconnection Healing, Reiki Increases MotionVicky Thompson
Conscious Media A Book of MiraclesKim Corbin
Reader's Choice
Cosmic Pluto in the House: Everybody JumpHazel Dixon-Cooper and Bridgett Walther
The Rhythm of LifeMartin Ivanov
Tuning the Human BiofieldEileen Day McKusick
Cover Artist Idiosyncratic RelationshipsSara Swink
Everyday Intention Clutter Busting in Nine Easy StepsSharon Swezey
Editor's Blog Can Trees Heal You?Vicky Thompson
Living Now A New Rorschach Test?Vicky Thompson
Are Alien Estrogens Causing Mystery Illnesses?Michelle Tomao
Spirituality Friendship Crisis: Break Down Those WallsGinny Grimsley
I Hear You: 3 Tips for Really ListeningDottie DeHart
Love Cycles: 5 Essential Stages of Lasting LoveLinda Carroll
Ritual for Attracting Your Magical RelationshipJanet Bray Attwood, Chris Attwood and Sylva Dvorak
Talking Stick Talking StickTerry Tempest Williams
This I Believe Writing My Life ChapterDavid Seybert
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