July / August 2014

Featured Stories Big Win for Same-Sex MarriageVicky Thompson
Digestive Intelligence: Your Second BrainDr. Irina Matveikova
We're All Equal: Ending HomophobiaBishop John Shelby Spong
Alternative Health Contrails or Chemtrails: Should You Be Concerned?Guy Devin
Tapping and Weight Loss: Retraining Your BrainJessica Ortner
Astrology Forecast AstroMark: Jupiter in Leo, Opening HeartsMark Dodich
Starscope: Full Speed AheadEmily Trinkaus
Community Spotlight Setting BoundariesKatherine Boyer
Conscious Media Becoming a Wild ScientistVicky Thompson
Readers Choice
Cosmic The Science of Quantum JumpsCynthia Sue Larson
Editor's Blog Is Surrendering a Sign of Power?Vicky Thompson
Living Now Natural Building: Simple Living in Balance with Nature and SpiritPablo Loayza
Spirituality Be Your True Selfie: Living in the Facebook EraLama Marut
Spirit-Guided Sound HealingLauri Shainsky
Talking Stick Talking StickRam Dass
This I Believe Three Life-Changing ChoicesLisa R. Oswald
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